Club Iron Powerbuilder

Club Iron Powerbuilder

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The Power Builder is a shared spreadsheet between you and me. It's our attempt to design the best programs for anyone trying to become aesthetically proportional, strong and powerful.

It's a very flexible template using the bench, squat and deadlift as priority. This program can be done at almost any gym with basic barbells, dumbbells and cables. It tracks absolutely every important variable in strength and has lots of room for flexibility. 

Purchasing the power builder will give you access to all it's excel features and if you'd like to share it with me, there's an online coaching option that'll ensure progress and proper progression through frequent check-ups and redesign for your specific needs.

Programs available

- Upper/Lower (2-4x per week)

- 5 Day Split (5x per week)

- Push/Pull/Legs (3-6x per week)

-Competition Taper (Optional 12 day taper toward competition)